It is not easy to find! but ....

We are in EUROPE,
                                  IN ITALY,
                                                                           A RIETI,
                                                                                      A CANTALICE

Via Casa Nuova - incrocio Via G. Pascoli (Cantalice)


 2 easy ways to get there:
1) Go to Vazia (Rieti) - proceed in the direction of Cantalice to 1900 ml; turn on the first asphalted road on the left and UP ON TOP OF THE HILL.
2) Go to the Franciscan sanctuary of
 "La Foresta" - continue to "Castelfranco village", then proceed towards Cantalice for 1200 ml; we are on the right.

 Distance from the airport of Ciampino (93.9 km) through Via Salaria / SS4
 From Fiumicino Airport
1 h 22 min (108.8 km) on Via Salaria / SS4